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  • Ori
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The #1 SaaS white-labelling platform

Run your application on custom domains in less than 5 minutes

The most easy-to-use API — add or remove custom domains with ease, and much more.

Focus on the creative work

We'll handle the heavy lifting, you focus on solving the problems for your customers instead.


HTTPS is enabled by default

Every custom domain gets its own TLS certificate. Never worry about expiring certificates again. We'll renew the certificates for you.


Multi-region infrastructure

A truly global infrastructure is required to ensure high availability, reliability, and scalability. Security patching, scaling, deployments? We handle all this complexity for you.

Customer Support

Email / Phone

We understand this is a core part of your business and we take it seriously. That is why we're dedicated to providing the world-class customer support.

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    • SaaS Custom Domains has been a game-changer for us at The ease of adding custom domains, coupled with the app's high availability and reliability, has truly impressed me. The amazing customer support is just the icing on the cake. I couldn't be happier with this partnership.

      Tyler Bell
      Co-founder at Memberstack
    • At Lebesgue, we looked into multiple white-labelling solutions. In the end, we decided to go with SaaS Custom Domains. We're using it just a bit over 6 months now and I'm impressed! The API is super simple and the team is super-fast to answer any questions we have.

      Josip Begic
      Founder & CEO at Lebesgue
    • Finding was a game-changer for us at Ori. The integration was straightforward, and the platform handled the DNS configurations and SSL management effortlessly. What impressed me most was the instructional email sent to our customers, simplifying the DNS setup for them. White labelling is the final stride in refining a SaaS product, and saascustomdomains made it a breeze. Just a few clicks and everything was set. The ease of transitioning to a white-labelled solution with their support was remarkable. Two thumbs up from me!

      Nipun Jain
      DevOps and Backend Lead at Ori
    • At, we specialize in one-page checkout solutions for Shopify stores. SaaS Custom Domains made implementing custom domains effortless, elevating our brand's professionalism and trust. The seamless integration and outstanding support were exactly what we needed. I wholeheartedly recommend SaaS Custom Domains to any SaaS company looking to improve their brand consistency and customer experience.

      Taras Pavlyshyn
      Founder at
    • I was thrilled to find Adding multiple custom domains, something not natively supported by, became a breeze. Integration was seamless and allowed us to provide personalized domains to our users effortlessly. The support and quality from are top-notch and Drago is awesome, always there to help when needed. I can't recommend it enough!

    • We hired guys at SaaS Custom Domains to help us implement a distributed reverse proxy fleet in our own AWS account. It saved us weeks of engineering time at least. They shared a great troubleshooting guide and documentation with our engineers so we can take care of the system in the future.

      Ferruccio Balestreri
      Founder & CTO at June
    • We're running a few thousand custom domains at SparkLoop. Since we started using SaaS Custom Domains, more than 3 years ago, we've never had a single issue. Highly recommend!

      Manuel Frigerio
      Co-founder at SparkLoop
    • At Fairmint, we make it easy for companies to grant equity and receive community investments. We looked at many solutions on the market to implement custom domain on top of our AWS serverless stack and, by far, SaaS Custom Domains provided the best technical solution: easier for our customers to implement (only 1 simple CNAME to add) and easier for us to implement (no need to manage a custom CNAME for each customer). The process is super simple, and the support team was there when we needed them.

      Thibauld Favre
      CEO at Fairmint
    • At Wristband, we rely on wildcard custom domains to provide white-labeled login pages for B2B applications. We looked at other white labeling providers, but decided to go with SaaS Custom Domains because they were the only ones capable of supporting our wildcard custom domain requirements. The implementation was seamless, and their support was there whenever we needed it. Partnering with SaaS Custom Domains has saved us weeks of development time, and overall has been a great experience.

      David Chu
      Co-Founder & CTO at Wristband

Simple pricing, for everyone.

From a startup to an enterprise that uses 10's of thousands of custom domains — there's a perfect plan for you

Billed Annually

100 domains

$16/ mon

  • API
  • Active DNS monitoring
  • Automated DNS instruction emails
  • 24-hour email support
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500 domains

$79/ mon

  • API
  • Active DNS monitoring
  • Automated DNS instruction emails
  • integration
  • Email support
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2,000 domains

$249/ mon

  • API
  • Active DNS monitoring
  • Automated DNS instruction emails
  • integration
  • Priority email support
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5,000 domains

$499/ mon

  • API
  • Active DNS monitoring
  • Automated DNS instruction emails
  • integration
  • Priority email support
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5,000+ domains


  • API
  • Active DNS monitoring
  • Automated DNS instruction emails
  • integration
  • Priority phone & email support
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us via email.

    • Can I try it for free?

      Yes, there is a 7-day free trial.

    • Can you help us implement custom domains system on our own servers?

      Yes, we offer on-premises package and have extensive experience running it for companies in their own cloud. Book a call with us to learn more.

    • How do you generate TLS certificates?

      We use Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL to generate certificates.

    • What are the rate limits?

      There are no rate limits.

    • Can my users point their CNAME to my domain instead of

      Yes, point a CNAME on your own domain, e.g. to, and ask your users to point their CNAME to

    • Will I have to change the code of my SaaS app?

      It depends on your use-case. You may need to change your code a bit. But, usually it's a quick change and we can help you with that.

    • Where are the TLS certificates for my custom domains stored?

      They are safely stored in Amazon's durable distributed file storage.

    • Where are you servers located?

      Our servers run on all continents. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    • How do you ensure high availability and reliability?

      The service is distributed across multiple regions. Incoming traffic is first routed to the closest entry-point to our private network, and then travels to the closest healthy server. Using the private network keeps packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low, even when the Internet is congested. In case of a server or a region experiencing issues, the traffic is routed to the closest healthy region.

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