Choosing the Best Custom Domain Solution in 2024: SaaS Custom Domains vs Cloudflare Compared

Looking for the right custom domain solution? Here's a direct comparison between SaaS Custom Domains and Cloudflare. We'll cover the essentials - from pricing and features to customer support. See for yourself how we measure up and what makes us different.

FeatureSaaS Custom DomainsCloudflare
Custom Domain Support
High Reliability & 99.999% Uptime
Simple, Predictable & Affordable Pricing
Multiple Upstreams / Origins
Apex & Root Domains
Allows 5000+ Custom Domains
Wildcard Custom Domains
Email & Chat Customer Support
Phone Customer Support
Custom Certificates
Create Rate Limits For Custom Domains
Self-Hosting / On-Prem Deployment
Selectable CA
No Vendor Lock-In

Detailed Feature Comparisons

  • Simple, Predictable & Affordable Pricing: SaaS Custom Domains offers simple and predictable pricing. It starts at $0.20 per custom domain per month, and is discounted up to 50% for high volume usage. With Cloudflare, you are at risk at any time to be moved to an expensive Enterprise plan, or have your account shut down. On Cloudflare Enterprise plan, custom domains reach price up to $23 per year.
  • Multiple Upstreams / Origins: SaaS Custom Domains lets you route requests to as many upstream servers as you want. Cloudflare only lets you route custom domains to one origin server. If you want to route requests from one custom domain (e.g. to one server (e.g., and another custom domain (e.g. to another server (e.g., you have to buy their expensive Enterprise plan.
  • Apex & Root Domains: SaaS Custom Domains lets you create custom apex/root domains (e.g. Cloudflare only lets you create custom sub-domains (e.g. To create custom apex domains, you have to buy their expensive Enterprise plan, and an additional add-on.
  • Allows 5000+ Custom Domains: SaaS Custom Domains allows you to create unlimited custom domains. Cloudflare limits you to 5000 custom domains before moving you to an expensive Enterprise plan.
  • Wildcard Custom Domains: SaaS Custom Domains allows you to create wildcard custom domains (e.g. * Cloudflare requires the expensive Enterprise plan to use wildcard custom domains.
  • Email & Chat Customer Support: Our 5-star customer support helps you with any questions and guides you through setting up custom domains. Cloudflare directs you to their documentation and community forum, where support is less direct and often slower.
  • Phone Customer Support: Our customer support is available via phone. Cloudflare offers phone support only with their Enterprise plan.
  • Custom Certificates: SaaS Custom Domains allows you to use custom certificates for your domains. Cloudflare requires the Enterprise plan to use custom certificates.
  • Create Rate Limits For Custom Domains: SaaS Custom Domains lets you create rate limits based on IP address, HTTP headers, cookies, and more. Cloudflare's rate limits based on HTTP headers, cookies, etc., are available only on their Enterprise plan.
  • Self-Hosting / On-Prem Deployment: We offer assistance in deploying SaaS Custom Domains on your infrastructure. Cloudflare does not offer self-hosting or on-prem deployment options.
  • Selectable CA: SaaS Custom Domains lets you choose the Certificate Authority for your custom domains. Cloudflare offers this feature only on their Enterprise plan.
  • No Vendor Lock-In: SaaS Custom Domains is the only custom domain provider that makes it super easy to migrate away later. We'll even help you migrate off our service if you're not happy. With Cloudflare, this is almost impossible. You are locked in forever. If you want to migrate away, you and your customers will have to manually update all the custom domains to point to your new provider. This is a huge pain and usually takes weeks or months to complete.

Thanks for checking out our comparison. At SaaS Custom Domains, we focus on straightforward pricing, robust features, and reliable support. No complex plans or hidden costs – just a flexible service that scales with you.

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